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Meet our team of professional trainers who will inspire and motivate you to push yourself to the limit. Join us and see your overall health improve with our fitness programs.

I'm happy to announce that Mason Reinhart has joined the SPRK Personalized Fitness Team as a Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach. Mason will add another layer of expertise to SPRK and I'm excited to have him join the team.

Robert L. Davis, Trainer

Robert L. Davis, Master Trainer

Robert has extensive experience assisting clients with corrective exercise and overall stress reduction through movement and exercises specifically geared toward these issues. Robert works with a wide range of clients from athletes trying to improve speed and endurance, to the "Golden Age" population seeking strength through stretches and exercises.

Robert created and is continuing to grow his personal training business in locations such as big-box gyms, private clubs and small boutique studios for more than 15 years. He believes that the core essence of fitness is not about having the perfect body, its about improving yourself every day. Robert holds many certifications, including: American Council on Exercise™ Certified Personal Trainer (ACE CPT) | ACE Metabolic Testing | National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM CPT) | NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM PES)

Mason Reinhart, Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Mission Statement:
As a health professional, I am driven to help every client achieve a superior level of wellness. During every training session I strive to provide positive energy, individualized program, consist and steady progress. Although each individual might have different goals, making the hard work seem more enjoyable is the key to success! If you are ready to set goals and achieve them, lets get started today!

B.A. Kinesiology – Concordia University, St. Paul
Collegiate Baseball – Concordia University, St. Paul 2004-2007
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Corrective Exercise Specialist
TRX Suspension Training Certified
10+ Years Personal and Athletic Training (High School, Collegiate & Professional Athletes)

Mason Reinhart, Personal Trainer


Tyler Sample

Tyler grew up in a small town on the Eastern Plains of Colorado in this town he was introduced to numerous sports however at a very young age he knew that baseball would be his calling. After much hard work, dedication and seeking the proper coaching Tyler was fortunate enough to realize his dream of playing professional baseball. He has spent the last 10 years striving to be the best, learning first hand from industry leading professionals. It is through his baseball journey that Tyler has developed a passion for fitness, sports performance and wellness. Tyler has had the opportunity to learn from the best fitness minds in the industry and is wanting to pay it forward and give the knowledge he has gained. Tyler’s fitness philosophy is to embraces the notion that small habit changes work best for longevity; everyone should have a smart plan for getting stronger and achieving their goals while having fun doing it. He considers himself lucky to have such a rewarding job and strives to build lifelong relationships with all his clients. Tyler is charismatic, enthusiastic and truly passionate about wellness and wants to impart that enthusiasm and passion with all that he works with.


Jesse Velasquez

I lost 65 pounds back in 1999 and in spite of obtaining a degree in Journalism and Communication, my passion has always been fitness. I decided to make a career switch in 2014 to become a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Prior to this, I dabbled in National fitness modeling for 2 years and have become a 2 time Crossfit Granite Games athlete. In addition, I'm striving to qualify to become a U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Masters National athlete.

My heart and soul lies in the nutritional field, specifically weight loss and the bodybuilding ring. Designing customized programs for all ages, shapes and sizes. From Olympic Weightlifting Athletes to males and females in their 50's looking lose 50 pounds: I've coached hundreds of client's to obtain goals from qualifying for a Nationals weightlifting meet, to fitting in a wedding dress to training for The Boston Marathon. Through education, passion and customized programming, I strive to improve overall wellness in a variety of avenues. I strive to empower my clients to change their lifestyle and behaviors in a timely and healthy manner.

B.S. University of Minnesota
Journalism and Communication

National Association Of Sports Medicine- CPT
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach
ACE Metabolic Training Certification
Red Cross CPR/AED Certification
4+ Years Personal and Athletic Training (Youth Program, High school and College Athletes)

Jesse Velasquez