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Are you an independent personal trainer who’s confident, energetic, and have an entrepreneurial spirit? If so, SPRK Personalized Fitness would like to meet you!

Our mission is to partner with our clients and have a positive impact on their lives by creating an enjoyable fitness experience.  We are committed and caring trainers who strive to empower individuals to live a healthier lifestyle.  

Whether you have a pre--existing client base or are new to the industry and looking to grow your clientele, our products and services can assist you in growing and developing your personal training business.  
One of the benefits of joining SRPK is that we take the daunting task of marketing off of your plate - including posting on social media, updating websites, blogging, branding, and overall marketing – and allow you to focus on what you do best – train!  Some additional benefits our trainers enjoy are:

1. Access to client on-line scheduling through Mind Body.
2. Professional email account.
3. Fully developed & interactive Website.
4. Social Media presence.
5. Uniforms/SPRK brand clothing.

If you think you are SPRK material and are interested in bringing your positive attitude, energy, and knowledge to the SPRK brand, we’d love to partner with you as you develop and grow your personal training business.

1.    NASM Certification
2.    A.C.E Certification
3.    CPR Certification

Contact us today to set up a time to talk or to stop into our studio and check us out. 

In the meantime, please check our website and like our Facebook page!