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Our trainers at SPRK Personalized Fitness in Minneapolis, Minnesota, help you get started on your fitness journey and make sure you stay on track. Take it from our clients whose lives have changed for the better since joining us:


"SPRK Fitness has opportunities for ages youth to seniors. As a Master Trainer, Robert Davis designs individualized coaching. Donato offers an intense but fun group workout, which he adapts to each client's abilities. I have worked out with Robert Davis for 4 years and have been with Donato since the start of his group class. I was looking for increased flexibility and toning and came away with renewed energy that carries me for the week! This crew can meet your fitness needs!"
Ann S., Clinical Psychologist


"Robert and Donato have the ability to make each of my training sessions challenging but rewarding. Both are patient, understanding, and knowledgeable trainers providing top-notch training in a one-on-one or group setting. I would never reach my fitness goals without their motivation and support."
Katina K., Senior Business Analyst


"Robert cares about his clients and it shows. I've had amazing results with his training and can't recommend him enough."
Victoria S., Howard Roark Associates


"I've been working out with Robert for years and look and feel better because of it. [He is a] Personable and professional trainer who listens and will mix up the workouts, so you stay motivated."
Steven W., Founder of Joia All Natural Soda™


"I've been working with Robert and SPRK Personalized Fitness for almost 5 years. During that time I've gained lean muscle, I've optimized my body mass, and I've exceeded all the goals I have set for myself. Robert is a true professional and I would recommend him and his team to anyone who is ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle."
Nick V., Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Carlson Travel Management™


"Robert has been my personal trainer for approximately two years. My workouts with Robert during each session usually focus on a full body workout emphasizing all major muscle groups. Robert's expertise and experience enables him to maximize physical performance during our workouts without using a push-it-to-the-limit boot camp mentality that many trainers practice. In other words, Robert trains smart rather than hard, which makes the workouts fun and time flies by. For maximum results I recommend three training sessions a week, but no less than two."
Jack P., Real Estate Investor

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"Thank you, Robert for helping me over the last three years to be stronger both physically and mentally in order to accomplish my personal goals for a healthier and happier life. You always give me the motivation and inspiration I need to be successful in everything that I set out to accomplish."
Win H., State Farm™