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Dynamic Fitness Programs
to Jump-Start Your Journey to Fitness

Progressive Fitness Plans for Optimal Well-Being


Join us at SPRK Personalized Fitness to choose the right plan for your health. We offer a variety of personal training programs including group classes, cross training, and online workout tutorials created for your convenience.


Maximize your physical performance by working out with our professionals. Rely on our team of highly qualified trainers to get you in good shape, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle with our specialized fitness programs.


We take pleasure in guiding our customers towards optimal health with our fitness programs. Read some of the positive feedback and testimonials from our satisfied clients.


Dynamic Training

Admit it. You despise fitness challenges. We know, and we get it. That's why we've developed a client-friendly program that is really about you! As we get closer to our start date, we wanted to share some details about our upcoming 8-week program:

PROGRAM DATES: Monday, March 5th - Friday, April 27th, 2018

Knowledge – You’ll be coached by a fitness expert to pull and motivate you, helping you reach your individual goals, whatever they may be.
Nutrition – As a complimentary service, you'll meet with our nutritionist to maintain a sensible meal plan during your program (and hopefully beyond!), helping to maximize your individual goals.
Tracking – During the program, your total fitness and nutrition progression will be tracked by both a fitness expert and by our nutritionist.

- Delicious Meal plans and Recipes;
- Access to Weekly Blogs and Videos; and
- Personalized Plans to Reach Your Goals.

Join us for this launch-into-spring program! And just think, by the time we're finished, you'll be exercising outside! Please contact us with questions or to pre-register. Registration begins February 23, 2018 and space is limited!

Take your first step toward a healthier lifestyle with a free one-hour fitness consultation.
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Learn About SPRK Personalized Fitness

The fitness programs at SPRK Personalized Fitness in Minneapolis, Minnesota are available for you for all your health goals. At our fitness center, we work toward improving your overall health and getting you back in shape. We have 12 years of experience in creating intensive programs and stimulating a motivating environment for our customers. Have us assess your body levels, so we can create a progressive and results-oriented program especially for you. Our highly motivated fitness coaches have been providing the best possible experience for optimizing our clients' well-being for more than a year. Call us now or join us at Fitspace to get started on your training sessions.

Mission Statement

At SPRK, our mission is to partner with our clients and have a positive impact on their lives by creating an enjoyable fitness experience. We are committed and caring trainers who strive to empower individuals to live a healthier lifestyle.

We specialize in life-changing fitness, quality movement, and lifestyle programs customized to meet each client’s individual needs and goals. We do this by creating awareness, which in turn provides our clients the freedom to choose a healthier life, full of energy and joy.

SPRK strives to deliver the best possible fitness and movement solutions to our clients through a variety of fun, challenging, appropriate and effective programs. Our unique approach to our client’s overall health and fitness has made us a respected fitness resource within our community.


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(612) 504-7117 


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